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Where to Buy Your Non-toxic Ingredients

Since I published Less Toxic Living only a few weeks ago, over 1500 people have downloaded the ebook (and many have also read the paperback), and quite a number of people have asked me where to get the ingredients for the non-toxic cleaning products and DIY cosmetics. In Australia, most of them are available from your local supermarket or health food store, at least in the cities. But in the States some of them are harder to find (essential oils, for instance), and even here in Oz, some people just prefer to shop online.

So, following are all the products I regularly use or recommend, with links to buy them online. The Amazon links are affiliate links (meaning if you buy through them I’ll get a small commission (typically around 5%), to help me continue my work). The rest aren’t. They’re just there for your convenience!

NB if you are not in Australia or the US, I don’t know your markets well enough to advise you, sorry, though the Amazon links will refer you to your “local” Amazon store.

Product Amazon Link Alternate US Link Aussie Link Alternate Oz Choice
Bicarb/baking soda 1lb / 13.5 lb  May also be available for bulk purchase in stock food shops. Aussie Soap supplies 1 kg Buy from the baking aisle of the supermarket, or in bulk stock food shops (eg one reader gets 25kg for less than $1/kg).
Washing soda (aka Super washing soda or sodium carbonate). Make sure to get the powder, not the crystals, for easier mixing and dissolving. 5 lb Apparently also available in 55oz boxes from Walmart stores Woolworths online Buy from the laundry aisle of the supermarket (Lectric) (Get the powder, not the crystals)
Borax 76oz Woolworths online Buy from the laundry aisle of the supermarket
Castile soap Dr Bronners Dr Bronners Olive oil Castile soap
Liquid castile soap Dr Bronners Heirloom Bodycare Melrose organic
Soap flakes 14oz  Woolworths online Buy them from the laundry aisle of the supermarket (Lux soap flakes)
Essential oils Plant Therapy have a good reputation Mountain Rose Herbs are often recommended by US bloggers. Aromatherapy for Australia Auroma eshop
Clove Leaf Oil (better for mould removal than clove bud oil) Plant Guru Oil of Cloves (ships internationally from Australia) n-essentials Oil of Cloves
Shea butter 1 lb Mountain Rose Herbs Certified organic Heirloom bodycare
Coconut oil Cold pressed Mountain Rose Herbs Essential therapeutics 1 L Coles stock it and all health food stores, I buy organic coconut oil from Aldi now.
Cocoa/cacao butter Fair Trade Raw Cacao butter Mountain Rose Herbs Heirloom Bodycare Green Living Australia
100 % pure Beeswax 1lb bar/ pellets/pastilles Queen B (Australian Beeswax) Heirloom Body Care

If you have other ingredients you would like me to add, or suggestions of where to buy them, please contact me here, or just email me.