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About the Book

Do you worry about how the poisonous chemicals in your home might be affecting you or your children? Are you worried that your cosmetics or cleaning products might be carcinogenic? Would you like practical, cost-effective methods for detoxing your home?

Less Toxic Living: How to Reduce Your Everyday Exposure to Toxic Chemicals – An Introduction for Families is a down to earth book that will help you limit your family’s exposure to dangerous chemicals in your home, cleaning products, food & water, cosmetics & skin care, and plastics.

Based on scientific research, yet set in real-world, easy to understand terms, this book will give you

  • Quick tips for reducing the toxins coming into your home
  • The basics of non-toxic cleaning and how to do it cheaply and effectively
  • The information you need to make informed decisions on your food purchases to get the biggest impact for your family
  • Theory and practical advice on all these areas and more.

With contributions from nineteen different authors, including the bestselling authors of Healthy Home, Healthy Family, Chemical Free Kids, and Real Treats, this book provides a user-friendly introduction to a range of issues and effective solutions, with ample references for more in depth information.

Less Toxic Living also includes free bonus downloads that will help you put the information you learn into practice in your daily life.

More and more research is revealing the links between our everyday use of chemicals and increasing rates of cancer, allergies and behavioural disorders. Less Toxic Living arms you with workable solutions to protect your family.

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